A flow through bin is the easiest way to process food waste and make worm compost.
No dumping, no sorting, no problems with moisture and even no screening!
You put food scraps on top and scrape ready compost through the bottom wire grill.
This model consist of two stackable wooden frames, bottom stand with raised floor made of metal grill, scraper, plastic drip tray and the lid. The worms live in compost that fills the volume inside the frames.

Producing around 1.5lb of compost per week, this bin can be an ideal source of compost for home plants, eliminating need in chemical fertilizers. It also reduces the volume of storage for ready compost.

The larger volume of this model makes compost stay in the bin longer, that makes it better processed.

Material: Untreated spruce
Time for ready compost: first time 4 months, then every week, continuously.

Bin comes assembled and ready to use.

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Flow Through Worm Bin

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