• Family size Worm Composting Kit

Ready to use worm composting kit. Just add water! (And some food scraps of course :~).
The kit includes: Wooden Worm Bin - 4 Trays, 1/2lb of Red Worms, Worm Bedding-4lb, a fly trap, manual and a drip tray.
The bin is fully assembled and ready to use.
Bin material: Untreated spruce
Compost capacity: 2 cubic feet
Maximum flow through: 4lb a week
Time for ready compost: 2 months

To start the worm bin:

  1. Soak 2lb of bedding in 1 liter (4.5 cups) of non- chlorinated water. Use a plastic container or a strong plastic bag. It's better to use rain or pond water.
  2. Let the bedding to absorb water for 2 - 3 hours.
  3. Put one tray on the base. You don't need the second tray now.
  4. Put the drip tray on the floor beneath the bin - to prevent water from dripping on the floor.
  5. Put the bedding in the tray.
  6. Put worms on top of the bedding.
  7. Cover with the lid.
You can start collecting some food scrap now. After 5 - 7 days it's OK to feed the worms for a first time.

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Family size Worm Composting Kit

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