•  Apartment Worm Composting Kit

Small and efficient composting kit for an apartment or any limited space.
The kit includes a flow-through wooden worm bin 1 cu. foot, 1/2 lb of worms, 4 lb of bedding and manual.
Kit's main advantages:

  • Minimal mess: food scrap comes from the top, compost goes from the bottom
  • Natural compost humidity balance
  • Constant flow of ready, screened compost for home plants
  • No worms separation
  • No heavy tray lifting

Producing around 1lb of compost per week, this bin can be an ideal source of compost for home plants, eliminating need in chemical fertilizers. It also reduces the volume of storage for ready compost.

Size: 16" x 13.2" x 21" high. Material: Untreated spruce
Compost capacity: 1 cubic foot
Maximum flow through: 2lb a week
Time for ready compost: first time 2 months, then every week, contunously.

Bin comes assembled and ready to use.

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Apartment Worm Composting Kit

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